New System Allows Remote Monitoring and Communicates Activity via E-Mail

Chicago, IL – Adams Elevator Equipment Co. announces the introduction of its new Smart Seismic System. Fully compliant with applicable codes and standards: ASME 17.5; CSA B44.1 and UL 508A, the monitoring system uses the latest Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) sensor technology and a 32-bit processor for more intensive digital signal processing algorithms. This ensures maximum performance in detecting seismic events and filtering out nuisance vibrations. The Smart Seismic System then provides signals to the elevator controller with both latching and non-latching relay contact output with normally open and normally closed configurations both available for maximum flexibility. In addition to a manual reset button of the latching relay, provisions also include an input for a remote mounted reset button.

The system also includes a water sensor to be mounted in the elevator pit. A corresponding output is available to trigger an alarm to alert personnel in the event of water accumulating in the pit.

An exciting additional feature of the Smart Seismic System is its ability to communicate data to remote locations, as necessary. An Ethernet connector in the device allows communication via the internet.  The system can be programmed to send emails to predetermined recipient(s) when a seismic event is detected. This internet connection can also be used to send emails to notify personnel when: the water alarm is activated; a fault is detected during self-diagnostics; or if the backup battery voltage is low. In installations without local internet connections, the Smart Seismic System has a wireless modem option. The system also features a USB port for quick and easy download of recorded data to a flash drive.

“The Smart Seismic System provides an elite combination of monitoring and communication capabilities,” Adams General Manager, Rick Stumpf, said. “Having precise performance data at their fingertips—wherever, whenever—gives building operators and service contractors the peace of mind that their systems are operating safely and will respond appropriately in the case of seismic activity.”

Additional optional sensors are being developed that can measure vibration, tilt, acceleration and deceleration on multiple cars in real time and record the data for subsequent analysis. The same Ethernet communications can be called upon to send a message directly to the appropriate onsite or offsite personnel should the measured car parameters exceed allowable limits. This smart system will play an important role in seismic code compliance, and ongoing rider safety.

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