CECA is a non-profit organization of elevator contractors and suppliers. We have been serving the interests of independent elevator contractors and vertical lift suppliers in Canada since 1972.

The purposes of our organization are:

  • To be a service organization;
  • To promote better relations between the members of this Association and prospective users of equipment as defined within our constitution;
  • For each member to be of mutual aid and assistance to the remaining members in those ways necessary to promote their welfare.
  • To maintain liaison with the remainder of the elevator industry;
  • To maintain a central office consistent with the structure of the organization;
  • To gather, analyze, appraise and disseminate information and ideas pertaining to the elevator industry;
  • To constantly strive for the betterment of relations between employee and employer;
  • To act as representative of its members in negotiations with the International Union of Elevator Constructors and other labour organization with which this Association may be authorized to deal;
  • In general, to do all things proper and necessary to promote the general welfare of the Association and the members thereof and to contribute to its well-being to the end that it will at all times wisely serve its members, the industry and the public;
  • Including liaison with the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments of Canada

The Canadian Association is represented by three regions: Eastern, Central and Western as well as international members. The following are some of our key objectives:

  • to nurture relationships between the elevator contractors and the suppliers in the various areas;
  • to be accessible to start up companies within our industry;
  • to work with the government agencies at various levels;
  • to continue to network with other associations in North America to be involved in the consultation process when new code is proposed and introduced;
  • to work with insurance companies to ensure member contractors receive equitable rates;
  • to promote the ‘Safety Rider’ program in elementary schools through school districts within each province.